The solution to a riddle will not make
sense if you haven’t heard the riddle first.

To fully appreciate my thesis its important to be familiar
with the text and illustrations of what Dee considered
to be his most cherished work, the
Monas Hieroglyphica.

It’s an Elizabethan puzzle book that cryptically
explains Dee’s mathematical cosmology, and which
I consider to be the “owner’s manual” for the Tower.

To encourage you to first try and solve Dee’s riddles
on your own, here are two free downloadable PDF’s.

On the left is Dee’s original Latin text and on
the right is my new translation into English:

32  lores  English  Title Page_1
Monas Hieroglyphica in English

Hint to dedicated puzzle solvers:
Some of Dee’s tricky word codes are “lost in
translation.” So be sure study the Latin original:

31 lores Title Page LATIN  n_1
Monas Hieroglyphica in Latin