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Jim Egan has worked as a professional photographer Providence, RI for 30 years. Before the digital photography revolution, he lived in an upside-down world using his 4 by 5 view camera.

He has invented and marketed a line of photographic tools, including the Visualizer, the Quick Stick, and the Depth-of-Field Finder.

He is a member of the New England Antiquities Research Association and the Renaissance Society of America.

To use a word coined by Buckminster Fuller, Jim is a “comprehensivist,” someone who studies the interrelationships between various fields of study, in this case, mathematics, optics, astronomy, and history.

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Professor William S. Penhallow taught astronomy and physics at the University of Rhode Island for 33 years.

He has held two Science Faculty Fellowships from the National Science Foundation to study astronomy at Indiana University and spent sabbaticals at Brown, Yale, and Wesleyan.